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1. Can I participate alone? Yes, you are welcome to join us. Every year, even those who attend alone quickly become acquainted with everyone and have a great time. Our staff will be happy to assist you.

2. What is the additional charge for a single occupancy? Additional fees for each plan are as follows Standard Plan: +7,000 yen Deluxe Plan: +9,000 yen Luxury Plan: +10,000 yen

3. If I am a single participant and share a room, how do you decide who will be in the same room with me? We will decide randomly.

4. Can I stay in the same room as someone I get along with on the spot (or can I designate who I stay with)? Since you need to register your name at the hotel, you will basically have to stay in a pre-determined room, but if you want to change guests after each guest agrees with each other on the spot, please do so at your own risk.

5. Is there any way to spend time not skiing or snowboarding? As a 5-star hotel, you can spend a relaxing time in the hotel with meals and hot springs. There are also places for wakasagi (smelt) fishing and ski resorts nearby where you can enjoy snowshoeing, sledding, snowmobiling, etc.

6. How many people can the bus hold? A maximum of 40 people per unit is planned.

7. Isn't the 5 hour bus ride from Shinjuku to the ski resort long? We will be leaving in the morning on March 2nd, so we will arrive at the ski resort while we have some rest. On the way back, everyone who has become friends will have a good time drinking, and the bus ride time of about 5 hours will not be a problem. Please make some fun memories with us.

8. Please tell me where to get on and off the Shinjuku bus. We are located in front of BYGS Shinjuku Building in Shinjuku Ni-Chome. Our staff will be holding a rainbow flag, so it will be easy to find us. 東京都新宿区新宿2-19-1

9. Is parking free when traveling by car? Parking at the hotel is free. Hoshino Resort Nekoma Mountain North Area (former Nekoma Ski Resort) is available for 1000 yen on weekends and holidays.

10. What are the bus pick-up and drop-off times to each ski resort? Pick-up and drop-off times are as follows. However, guests using the Shinjuku bus should use the pick-up bus that will return at the departure time (16:30) on the return trip on 3/5. Free Ski Resort Shuttle Bus To: Urabandai Lake Resort→North Area (former Nekoma Ski Resort) 1) 8:30→8:45 2) 9:15→9:30 3) 9:55→10:10 Return: North Area (former Nekoma ski resort) → Urabandai Lake Resort 1) 14:00発→14:20 2) 15:25発→15:45 3) 16:05発→16:25

11. Are there any special rates for lift tickets? Currently under confirmation.

12. Please tell me about paid ski lessons. We will inform you at a later date. (Time will be announced at a later date.) Mainly for beginners to beginner level students.

13. Other than meals at the hotel (breakfast and dinner), will any food be served? Although we do not provide any special snacks, you can enjoy light meals at the hotel's cafe ``Urabandai Cafe 10:00-16:00'' and bar "Play Spot 16:00-23:00''"(charges apply).

14. Is there a convenience store or supermarket near the hotel? There is a souvenir shop (8:00-21:00) on the first floor of the hotel's main building. There is also a convenience store 5 minutes away by car.

15. Can I bring my own food? Yes, you may bring your own food into your room. Food is not allowed in the hotel restaurant.

16. What kind of shoes should I usually wear? Can I wear sneakers? It is safe to come in non-slip shoes just to be safe, although there is no problem in snow-free areas.

17. What are the rental rates for skis and snowboards? The following special rates are available You can rent and return them at the hotel, which is very convenient. Please check the box on the reservation form and let us know your height, weight, and foot size in the message box. Please make payment directly to the hotel. (We can also attach it to your room) Ski set (board, boots, and poles) 4,500 yen per day Snowboard set (boots, board) 4,500 yen per day Breakage insurance is 500 yen per day. Ski wear (top and bottom set) 4,000 yen per day

18. Do you offer ski and snowboard delivery service? Yes, we do. You can send us your luggage and we will pick it up when you check in. We can also mail them to your home on your return so you can enjoy your tour without them. The address of the hotel is as follows 施設名:裏磐梯レイクリゾート 住所:〒969-2701 福島県耶麻郡北塩原村大字桧原字湯平山1171-1 ​フロント気付

19. Can I store skis or snowboards in the bus? Yes, it can be stored.

20. Do you have insurance in case of injury? Please purchase your own insurance.

21. How do I pay for my tour? Payment can be made by bank transfer or credit card. Please make payment at least 14 days in advance. In the case of bank transfer Please make payment to the following bank account. Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, Oji Ekimae Branch, Savings account 0021589 SK Travel Consulting, Inc. For credit card payments A PAYPAL Invoice will be sent to your e-mail address. You can pay by credit card using the payment link in the invoice.

22. What is your cancellation policy? Cancellation fees are as follows 14 to 7 days prior: 20% 6 to 2 days prior: 50% 1 day or more before: 100%

23. If I cancel, will you refund my money? The full amount of the advance payment will be refunded by bank transfer. <In the event of cancellation on a date that falls under the cancellation policy> The difference between the amount paid in advance and the cancellation fee will be refunded by bank transfer.

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