Cast Information

We proudly introduce our gorgeous cast below:

Drag Queen


The super-famous Drag Queen boasts a career of more than 20 years as a horror-oriented woman. He has been enjoying numerous events and media, including being recognized as a certified street performer in Tokyo. From 2018, Neko Oikawa and Hideya Nakasaki's unit, "Happoufubijin," has also been very popular (co-starring with Yumin and MISIA). This time he will be popular as a bus guide and MC for the banquet!



As a model, KO-SK (Kosuke), who is very popular as a GOGO BOY, is making a debut at the Rainbow Ski Weekend! The photo book “Kousuke Nagase SEASONS PHOTOGRAPHED BY EISUKE” is now on sale.


course K

In addition to domestic gay nights such as “Rokushaku Fundoshi Night in ageHa” and “BUFF”,  ASIAN BEAR GOGO course K (Kosuke) who appears in the BEAR events in Bangkok and Taipei also appeared this time. Let's have him Rokushaku fundoshi tightened at YUKATA MEETING ROOM!



A big newcomer GOGO BOY who is just 25 years old, has just made a debut in Osaka this year. He plays an active role mainly in the events at EXPLOSION gay night club. He will also appear at Osaka's biggest gay night event "NUDE JAPAN" on January 2020.